Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Polls Show No Love for the "Old Schools"

Today, as I'm browsing through the college football standings, I noticed something that immediately jumped out at me--

Texas A&M is 3-0; Wisconsin is 4-0 and Auburn is 4-0. Three iconic programs undefeated and remarkably, none of them are ranked in either the AP Poll or the Coaches Poll.


What is going on?

I know they haven't played anyone meaningful yet, but I think their rich history should still count for something. And they are still members of 3 powerful conferences. I think the pollsters could have shown them a little love.

And I'm sure their strength of schedule component is much stronger than TCU, Cincinnati and Houston's (who are all in the top 15) put together.

Yes, I know they've been through some hard times in recent years but they are still world class programs and part of college football lore.

I mean, to me, Texas A&M is synonymous with college football. Every time I hear someone mention College Station or R.C. Slocum or the iconic Southwest Conference-- it reminds me of the good old days. I remember them days when the Aggies were always in the conversation.

Wisconsin was once a Big Ten powerhouse, winners of 3 Rose Bowls (1994, 1999, 2000) in recent times. The Badgers are still the team of Barry Alvarez, Alan Ameche and more recently, Ron Dayne.

And Auburn a once-SEC powerhouse had an undefeated season as recently as 2004. Who can forget the days of Bo Jackson (above) and Tracy Rocker.

So when I saw that all 3 are undefeated and unranked-- it blew me away.

My, oh my-- how times have changed.

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  1. I'm loving your college football posts. I think in the early go, this is the most messed up college rankings I've seen. USC has not looked great in any game but the opener, yet they are ranked higher than 4-0 Michigan and Kansas. Maybe at the end of the season USC will be better, but at this point, I think both of those teams could beat USC.