Friday, September 4, 2009

Pedro Martinez Vs. Tim Lincecum

About 3 weeks ago, when Pedro Martinez made his debut for the Philadelphia Phillies, I wrote a post pointing out that he was debuting on the same pitching night as Tim Lincecum.

This was no coincidence. I knew that by Martinez debuting on Lincecum's night, there was an excellent chance the two may go head to head at some point this season, when the Phillies play the Giants.

That's exactly what we got last night. And I must say, neither one disappointed.

Martinez won the battle--but barely. The Phillies beat the Giants, 2-1, with both Martinez (3-0) and Lincecum (13-5) going 7 strong innings. They combined for 20 strikeouts and only 1 walk-- both displaying their dominance and impeccable control.

Martinez looked like his old self last night, matching Lincecum pitch by pitch.

I would say, the baton was officially passed from the aging ace to the new ace.

Last night was Lincecum's 85th career start. Here are his numbers compared to Martinez' first 85 starts:

Lincecum -- 37-15, 644 strikeouts, 450 hits, 2.88 ERA

Martinez -- 37-27, 522 strikeouts, 458 hits, 3.71 ERA

After the game Martinez would humbly say, "He reminds me of me--only twice as better."

I must say, I agree. Just like a young Martinez, with his flashy hair-style, quirky mannerism and dominating performances-- Lincecum is Pedro's air apparent.

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Sports
Stats courtesy of ESPN

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