Monday, September 14, 2009

Ichiro Does It Again! This Time Breaks 108 Year Old Record

Yesterday, Seattle Mariners outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki collected his 200th hit, making 2009, the 9th consecutive season he has reached the lofty benchmark.

Ichiro had been tied with Hall of Famer, "Wee" Willie Keeler with 8 consecutive 200-hit seasons. Keeler did it from 1894-1901--108 years ago. Wow! It's worth repeating-- 108 years ago! Once again, Ichiro rubs elbows with the game's immortals.

Now, this is worth thinking about.

Ichiro is not only breaking records, he's breaking century old records. This is a record that generations of ball players have not been able to touch. Just the sound of it (9 consecutive 200-hit seasons) seems unreal.

Just to put this colossal achievement in perspective: In the history of the game-- 4 or more consecutive 200-hit seasons has been done only 11 times and 5+ consecutive seasons has been done only 6 times--

Ichiro - 9 - 2001-2009
Willie Keeler - 8 - 1894-1901
Wade Boggs (l.) - 7 - 1983-1989
Chuck Klein - 5 - 1929-1933
Charlie Gehringer - 5 - 1933-1937
Michael Young - 5 - 2003-2007

In the world of baseball, this is an achievement of biblical proportions.

New York Yankees DH and fellow countryman, Hideki Matsui called Ichiro's accomplishment, "a Herculean feat".

It truly is. Congratulations, Ichiro!

By the way, I was very impressed to see Michael Young (a.) on that list. He's quietly having a Hall of Fame career down there with the Texas Rangers.

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  1. It is such a great achievement. How difficult? Some notable players not on your list of 5+ 200 hit seasons include: Ty Cobb, Tony Gwynn, Ted Williams and Rod Carew.

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