Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hurray! The Detroit Lions Win A Game!


After going 0-16 last season and starting 0-2 this season, the Detroit Lions, today, beat the Washington Redskins, 19-14. 'Bout time!

The long suffering is over as Detroit (1-2) snaps a 19 game losing streak, which I'm sure they were getting tired of hearing about.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford, nervously held his head down as Washington was down to it's final snap. The agony must have been unbearable for him, the team and all the fans. I'm glad it's over for them.

Owner William Clay Ford put it best today, "We not only got the monkey off our back, we got King Kong off our back."

After the game, head coach Jim Schwartz did a noble thing by letting his team go out on the field to celebrate and shake hands with the loyal fans who have stood by their side during all the misery. That was cool.

So I say, let's give them a shoutout and I hope they're savoring the moment.

Congratulations, Detroit!

Photos courtesy of the AP

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