Thursday, September 10, 2009

Derek Jeter Ties Lou Gehrig

Congratulations to Derek Jeter! Last night, Jeter tied the immortal Lou Gehrig for the most hits in New York Yankees history--2721. With 21 games remaining in the season, it's a no-brainer, he'll soon be alone atop the Yankees list.

By the time Jeter retires, he'll most likely hold every Yankee offensive record, with the exception of the power categories. Barring some unforeseen event, Jeter should be the Yankees all-time leader in games played, at-bats (already holds record), runs scored, hits, singles, doubles, stolen bases and strikeouts. Yes, even strikeouts. I guess if you hang around long enough, you accomplish the negative as well as the positive.

But 2721 hits is the Yankees number. We all knew it was just a matter of time before Jeter starts breaking all these Yankee records. What's even more interesting, however, is how close Jeter is to 2762.

It's unlikely he'll reach 2762 this year, but I think he'll be at least within 20 hits. I'd say he's good for another 20 or so hits this year.

Ok-- why 2762?

That's how many hits Pete Rose had after 14 full seasons. As we all know, Rose is the all-time hits leader-- and reaching his all-time number is no easy task. We're talking about 4256 career hits. I mean, that is just mind-boggling.

But Jeter has gone toe-to-toe with Rose (b.) after 14 seasons and he's still going strong. If he keeps his current pace he'll be in the 3700-3800 neighborhood by the time he's 40. Then it'll all depend on how long his skills and desire last after that. Even if he doesn't break the record, I think he'll at least join Rose and Ty Cobb (4189) in the unimaginable, 4000 hits club.

Again, it's a tall order-- but he's the only current player with enough years under is belt-- that has any realistic chance of catching Rose.

If Jeter doesn't do it-- chances are the next all-time hits leader in Major League Baseball is probably playing in little league somewhere.

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  1. I would love to see Jeter break Pete's record. I think for him to do that he'll have to learn to play another position. Not to many 40+ shortstops other than Omar Vizquel.

    I just missed seeing Pete in Vegas last week. Saw Ric Flair though. They were signing at a sports memorabilia store.