Monday, August 17, 2009

Usain Bolt Has The Coolest Name Since Tony Hawk

In the world of sports, great athletes are usually given flashy nicknames. But it's not often you have an athlete, who's real name, sounds like a catchy nickname because it personifies his/her incredible achievements.

Tony Hawk, the skateboarding extraordinaire, for example, has an eye-catching name. It blends perfect with his chosen profession. Hawk is a legend in the world of skateboarding, becoming the first human to ever successfully complete two-and-a-half revolutions, known as a 900. In skateboarding that is equivalent to NASA landing on the moon. Hawk was a master at his sport and when he performed his tricks, he truly looked like a hawk gliding in the sky.

In the world of Track and Field, Usain Bolt doesn't need a nickname, either. His name says it all.

Yesterday in Berlin, Germany, Bolt set a new world record of 9.58 in the men's 100 meters, breaking his own record of 9.69, which he set a year ago at the Beijing Olympics.

Talk about lightning bolt speed.

Bolt shaved .11 seconds off his then-record 9.69 seconds. To put it in perspective, in 1968, Olympian Jim Hines set the then-record of 9.95 at the Mexico City Olympics. It wasn't until 1996 when Olympian Donovan Bailey also set a then-record 9.84 at the Atlanta Games that .11 seconds were shaved off the record. That's a 28 year gap and Bolt did it in one year.

A truly amazing accomplishment. The man's name says it all.


  1. My favorite athlete name of all time, Razor Shines. Played in the Expos minor league system, not sure if he ever made it to the big leagues.

  2. He's now the 3rd base coach for the Mets, so we hear his name a lot here in New York. I checked out his career for you: He played in 68 games in 4 seasons with the Expos. Had 81 at bats. 15 hits. 5 RBIs. Not much major league action.