Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roy Halladay Remains In Toronto

As the trade deadline expired yesterday, it was good to see Roy Halladay remain with the Toronto Blue Jays. His hefty price tag may have been the reason why he's still a Blue Jay. General Manager, J. P. Ricciardi was willing to move his ace starter but it would've taken an extremely good package of prospects for him to pull the trigger. Most teams either didn't have the goods or were not willing to pay this hefty price tag.

In the end, it was good for baseball. I understand the business side of it, but from a fan's perspective this constant moving of players is watering down our love for the game. Yes, we all have our favorite teams, but every team needs a face. Just look at what's happening in Pittsburgh. When a Pirates fan goes and buys a jersey, who do they buy? How many fans in Pittsburgh bought jerseys of Freddy Sanchez, Jack Wilson and Nate McLouth, only to see their favorite player get shipped out of town.

Some folks go to baseball games, not just because they are hard-core baseball fans but because they feel a connection to a certain player. Here in New York, we have a perfect example. Many fans, especially woman, go to Yankee games, not because they are hard-core baseball fans, but because they idolize Derek Jeter and want to see him in person.

In Toronto, Halladay, is that guy. Not only is he the face of the Blue Jays, but the face of Major League Baseball, in all of Canada. And what makes Halladay even more special is that he's an "old school" type pitcher. In today's game with so much focus on pitch counts and "Joba Rules", it's good to see a guy that reminds us of the days of Nolan Ryan and Steve Carlton. A guy that you know you can give him the ball and send your bullpen on a one day vacation. You don't see that anymore.

We can't predict what Toronto will do in the coming months or the off-season. The jury is still out. But I do know every team needs a face and in Toronto, Roy Halladay is that face.

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  1. I'm glad Halladay is still in Toronto too. I think Derek Jeter and Chipper Jones are the only two active superstars that have remained on the same team their entire careers. I miss that, went out with 80s.