Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick Gets A Second Chance

The world of sport's top story today is by far the signing of Michael Vick.

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken a chance on Vick, signing the shamed quarterback to a 2 year deal. Vick will presumably play backup to starter Donovan McNabb.

Not surprisingly, everyone has an opinion in favor or against the decision. I guess I'm no exception. Three things came to mind today.

1) Everyone deserves a second chance. Vick was very humble at the press conference. He spoke eloquently. And he understands people's suspicions and knows only time will vindicate him.

2) The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the elite organizations in the NFL. I'm sure, they did their homework prior to making this decision. Owner Jeffrey Lurie, head coach Andy Reid, McNabb and even special advisor Tony Dungy all brainstormed the feasibility of the situation before signing Vick. There was even a report that the Eagles met with humane groups in the Philadelphia area to get them on board. I wouldn't doubt it.

3) Prior to Vick's arrest we didn't hear much about the cruelty of dogfighting and as far as I'm concerned, it's been around for years. I mean, I've been hearing about it all my life. So maybe having a high profile ambassador may help dramatically reduce the cruel practice. Vick has repeatedly said, he now understands the evil in what he did and will work vehemently with humane organizations to put an end to it. Time will tell.

Although I must say, in defense of Sports Illustrated, they did bring attention to the cruel sport in their July 27, 1987 issue, during the height of this problem. But in the 20 years following the SI cover story the issue died down until Vick's arrest. But that doesn't mean it wasn't happening.

At the press conference today, Vick said, "I was wrong for what I did... I paid my debt to society... Now I want to be part of the solution, not the problem."

So who knows-- if something good comes out of this, maybe this is Vick's calling.

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    Vick said, "I was wrong for what I did... I paid my debt to society. HE IS STILL ON PROBATION - HOW IS THAT PAYING HIS DEBT - AND NO, HE DIDN'T SPEAK ELOQUENTLY, SPOKE FROM A SCRIPT HIS ATTY'S AND THE EAGLES WROTE FOR HIM - the man got caught, that's the only reason he isn't still electrocuting, drowning and hooking dogs up to rape stands! Tony Dungy has lost me as a fan as well...whoa Tony, what's wrong with you?