Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bill Snyder Returns To Kansas State

With the college football season almost upon us, it's good to see the return of an old familiar face. Bill Snyder will be once again patrolling the sidelines as head football coach at Kansas State. Last November, the school rehired their long-time coach, after a 4-year absence. Snyder, 69, seemed to have burned himself out after the 2005 season and decided to retire.

Snyder amassed a record of 136-68-1 from 1989-2005, taking the school to 11 consecutive bowl games. Prior to his arrival, the school had gone to one bowl game in it's previous 93 years. During his tenure the school won 9 or more games 10 times, including 6 11-win seasons.

Snyder's success is attributed to his relentless work ethics. He has a reputation of being a perfectionist and a coach who knows how to win. It's been well-documented how he used to stay in video rooms for hours watching and studying tapes right after games. Especially after his team lost. He is known to be a great motivator to his players and inspires them to win.

Kansas St. has never won a national championship, but one thing's for sure, during Snyder's first-term they at least were in the conversation every year.

Photo courtesy of Kansas State Athletics

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