Friday, August 7, 2009

The 49ers May Be Experiencing Buyer's Remorse

Michael Crabtree (l.), has yet to play one down in the NFL and he's already making demands, as if, he was Jerry Rice. The rookie wide receiver, selected 10th overall, by the San Francisco 49ers, has threatened to sit out the upcoming season and re-enter the NFL draft next year, if his contract demands aren't met.

My question is, "what is up with this kid?"

First of all, taking this dispute to the media is not a wise thing. The 49ers bluntly have said, they don't negotiate in the media. Second of all, after this fiasco, what makes Crabtree think that teams are going to be tripping over for him in next year's draft? Especially with the great crop of wide receivers scheduled to enter next year's draft. Who is going to want a guy who's painting himself as a stubborn commodity?

Yes, he had an electrifying career at Texas Tech, but lets face it, the Big 12 is not exactly a defensive-juggernaut of a conference. Had he put up those numbers in the SEC, then we might say, hold on, this kid is "the man".

Just look at what happened to Big 12 champion Oklahoma in the national title game. They were scoring, at will, in the Big 12 and when they ran into SEC champion, the mighty Florida Gators, they looked like a bunch of pee-wee leaguers. Florida's brick-wall defense crushed the Sooner's supposed, scoring-machine offense. Oklahoma, coming-off of 5 straight 60-point games, didn't know what hit them in the championship game, losing 24-14. Heck, Texas Tech couldn't even beat Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl, another SEC school, accustomed to playing strong SEC opponents, but not exactly one of the power programs.

Yes, Crabtree is talented, but what's going to happen when he runs into the great defenses of the NFL? Crabtree may just be opening up a "can of worms" for himself. Defenses around the NFL are watching and waiting for this kid, just to see what he's all about.

Does he have the credibility to be holding out and barking demands? I don't think so.

And I have news for Michael Crabtree. The NFL is not the Big 12.

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  1. Whatever happened to kids being happy to just be drafted? College athletes are changing they are getting to much media and spoiled by the time they are drafted.