Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shame on the Washington Nationals!

On March 31, 2008, The Washington Nationals opened up their new stadium, Nationals Park. The stadium itself looks like a beautiful venue, but something is disturbingly missing.

Have they forgotten that they used to be the Montreal Expos? The only number hanging on the outfield wall of Nationals Park is #42, Jackie Robinson. As we know, every major league team has retired #42, in honor of Jackie Robinson. But The Montreal Expos, also retired #8 (Gary Carter), #10 (Andre Dawson) #10 (Rusty Staub) and #30 (Tim Raines). So why don't The Washington Nationals (formally known as The Montreal Expos) honor these numbers and proudly display them in their ballpark? To add insult to injury, current players are allowed to wear these retired numbers, i.e., #10 (Ronnie Belliard) and #30 (Justin Maxwell).

I just don't get it! You change your name and relocate and as far as you're concerned, who you were in the past, never existed? Does that make sense?

Considering that The Nationals are by far the worst team in the majors, the least they could do is honor their past and give their fans something to be proud of. After all, those numbers, The Montreal Expos retired, were of great players. Gary Carter is a Hall of Famer and Andre Dawson is a soon to be Hall of Famer.

Whomever made this decision in Washington, has no clue about the significance of baseball history. And for that I have to say, "shame on you, Washington Nationals."

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  1. I agree, they should have those numbers up somewhere in the ball park. But considering they put "Natinals" on their uniforms, they might put up the wrong numbers.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I added a link to your blog on mine.