Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Erin Andrews: An Unfortunate Moment

As a loyal ESPN viewer, I have been watching Erin Andrews work the sidelines since she joined ESPN in 2004. And yes, her beauty immediately caught my attention. Every time the cameras cut to her, I stop what I'm doing and pay attention. I'd be lying to you, if I said, "I'm only interested in hearing what she has to say." Over the last few years, I've noticed how her "sex-symbolism" has grown, which means, I'm just one in millions, who's noticed the ESPN beauty.

When you start reading articles about meaningless moments, such as, the interview she gave to a FanHouse reporter at the EA Sports Draft Night Premiere IV in New York City, you know something is happening. Erin Andrews, the sex symbol, has arrived. With each passing day her stature just keeps snowballing. Heck, she's been named Playboy magazines sexiest sportscaster for two straight years and I can't see anyone dethroning her in 2010.

When the news broke that some pervert secretly taped a naked Ms. Andrews thru a peephole in her hotel room, I was appalled but not surprised. It was a tasteless act and the perpetrator(s) should pay dearly for it. But the bottom line is she is becoming almost like a Greek goddess and you knew some low-life out there would try and exploit this.

I hope Ms. Andrews and her attorneys come out victorious from this unfortunate situation. Sitting at home and admiring her beauty while she works the sidelines is one thing, but perpetrating a vile act of invasion of privacy is unacceptable.

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